• Original WUKO 2 Rotary Machine
  • Stroke: Designed with 3.5mm stroke wheel
  • Packing: 1PC WUKO 2 machine
  • Improved: There is a screw nut on the black, cover so it will be easier to adjust needle length, could use both RCA and Clip cord.

PRICE: 7500 RS

Fang Rotary Machine


  • Fang cartridge rotary machine with japanese DC motor.
  • The Fang mecha rotary cartridge machine is a powerfull machine, design to be the perfect liner machine.
  • The machine can also be used for color as shader, but for we recommend a very low voltage ro doing voltage with this machine, because of the power of the motor.
  • Fit for all cartridge needles in the market.
  • Machine set including: 1pcs cartridge machine+1pcs adjustable grip.

PRICE: 12000 RS

AVA - C2 


  • New Design AVA C2 Cartridge machine
  • Color: Gun-Grey, Black
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Motor: Japanese DC motor
  • Stroke: 3.5 mm'
  • Start Voltage: 2.8V DC
  • Stich Frequency: 50-190HZ
  • Connection: RCA Jack plug
  • Packing: 1PC AVA C2 machine+1PC adjustable cartridge grip
  • Fit needle: All Cartridge needle in market new design AVA C2 cartridge machine.

PRICE: 12000 RS 

HELLFIRE  Cartridge Machine


  • Color: Black, Blue
  • Machine type: Cartridge Rotary Machine
  • Universal Clamp: Can be used with standard and Twist lock Grips.
  • Twistlock grip is included.
  • If you plan to use it with a standard grip you will need a adapter to use it( sold separately)
  • Frame material: CNC'd from Aircraft Aluminium
  • Motor info and Max RPM: Swiss made faulhaber motor and 12000rpm.
  • Machine Connection: DC Cord ( sold separately )
  • Weight: 3OZ
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty

PRICE: 18000 RS

Equaliser FOX MINI V2


  • The super popular FOX MINI V2 machine model with a new transmission system.
  • It guarantees better work without VIBRATION.
  • An additional protective cap closing the eccentric.
  • The system used allowed you to use the machine for all types of cartridge.
  • The univarsal clamp allows the use of both single-use pipes and Hawk pipes.
  • Made of the highest quality aviation aluminium, machine by CNC 3D, anodized in color.
  1. Stroke: 3.5mm
  2. Engine: 4.5
  3. Socket: RCA
  4. Three pusher lengths in the set.
  5. Color: Black, Blue/ Black, Red/ Black
  6. Weight: 76g

PRICE: 19000 RS

Equaliser MIKRON


  • Equaliser Mikron Rotary Machine a modern hybrid PENA cartridge hybrid cartridge for use on disposable grips and adjustable grips.
  • Machine made of high quality aluminium milled on the latest and most advanced 3D milling machines.
  • Swiss engine: 4,5 faulhaber.
  • Jump: 3.5mm.
  • Connector: RCA tucked into the housing at an angle of 35 degree.
  • Pipe fitting: Disposable (clam included) and reusable with nut.
  • Weight: only 55g

PRICE: 25000 RS



  • The sturdy HAWK Thunder comes with unparalleled power.
  • It's extraordinary face, low-vibration precision DC motor, and increased stroke guarantees the utmost precision and fatigue-free working, even during longer sessions.
  • The HAWK Thunder machine gives you the choice of available HAWK grips, the 1-INCH and standard, for even more comfortable tattooing.
  • Not only does the tattoo machine boast sophisticated and ergonomic design, for perfect handling and ergonomic design, for perfect handling without straining your wrist.
  • On top of all this, the thunder is easy to clean and cover, promising completely safety and hygiene while you work.
  • The Cheyenne HAWK Thunder is especially great for dots and lines, but other style are also possible without any loss of quantity: Whether lining, shading, filling
  • You're tattooing at the highest level.
  • The quality seal "Manufactured in Berlin.

PRICE: 36000 RS