Basic Piercing Kit

  •   One Piercing Gun
  • One Round Forceps
  • one triangle Forcep
  • One Close Plies
  • One Open Plies
  • Assorted needles -10
  • Assorted Jwelary-5

Price: 3900Rs

Pictue Shown for refeence only

  Professionl Piercing Kit
  • One Steel Piercing Gun
  • One Round Forceps
  • one triangle Forcep
  • One Close Plies
  • One Open Plies
  • One hemostatic Forceps
  • Assorted needles -15
  • Assorted Jwelary-10
  • Piercng learnn DVD

Price: 5000Rs



Stainless steel body piercing gun

Autoclavable Stainless steel body Piercing gun for durable and health consious piercer.

Easy to use. It comes with Marker and Case.

Price: 550Rs





Fiber Body Piercing Gun

Lite in weight and made from strong polymer fibers. very easy to use. Take a mark, insert piercing gun stud and fire. COmes with Marker, Mirror & Protective Case.

Price: 450Rs









 Piercing Forceps, Made from Surgical Steel, Medical Grade 316L Steel. Best for autoclave and rust free operation.

Types Of forceps:

Round Spounge
Triangle Forceps
Hemostatic FOrceps
     RIng Opener Pliers
       Ring Closer Pliers

                       Price For Each Forceps: 550Rs

Piercing Needles

Made from Pure Surgical steel, Available in Various size. Gerneral Studs available in india are of 14 Gauge.


14G- 550Rs for 50 Needle Box
18G- 550Rs For 50 Needle Box
6G- 600Rs for 50 Needle Box


Wooden Cork

High Quality Tik Wood Cork is the choice of all proffesional Piercer throught the world. Very essential tool for stoping the needle or simply to cover edge of the needle.

Pack of 25 Cork at 100Rs

Piercing Jwelary

We have the large collection of Ear, nose, eyebrow, Neval, and through piercing Studs. Call Us for more information and pricing. All Studs are made from Surgical Steel and sterile for better protection.